Business Opportunities

“Connecting International Investors with Projects in Oman.”

For many investors, Oman is unchartered territory. Located south of the UAE and near to Dubai, it is an oasis of tranquillity, often called the ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’ due to its neutrality and being safe and politically stable.

Geographically, Oman’s land mass is larger than UK. It has a total population of nearly 5 million people, 55% of the being Omanis.

It has an abundance of energy and land and is fast diversifying into other major sectors such as logistics, tourism, manufacturing, aquaculture and mining.

It enjoys world class road infrastructure, airports and communications. Its Indian Ocean based ports play a significant role in the continued growth of the diversified services.

Oman is an ideal place for serious investors.

The new Foreign Investment law that was announced in January 2020, has unleashed opportunities for exciting and sustainable investment opportunities with international levels of governance and regulations.

Bondoni’s expert team will help connect you with the best projects we Oman can offer.

Our expertise:

  • Oman network at top level.
  • Ability to open doors at the highest level.
  • Knowing the projects that require investment.

Looking for projects?

  • We will bring you a portfolio of projects to choose from.
  • We will attend meetings and arrange all agreements and documents needed.
  • We will represent you if you are not in-country.

Bondoni’s pledges:

  • Potential investors are not sure how the process works in Oman and how to avoid the many pitfalls along the way.
  • We know it can take many long hours of searching for the right lead or project opportunity which can distract you from your core business.
  • That’s where we can help. We do all the preliminary work, source the right decision makers or appropriate projects and make the meetings happen.
  • We’re here to make the process faster, more efficient and more successful for you. Our competitive advantage is that we are local.
  • You will have direct access to our senior team of Omanis and expatriates who are well respected in the local community.
  • We have an outstanding network of senior decision makers in both the public and private sectors that will accelerate investment opportunities for any serious international investor.
  • We are well connected with finance professionals, accountants, attorneys, and other professionals who may be needed to facilitate the process.
  • If the investor wishes to meet with executives in an Omani company, it is likely that we will be able to open that door by doing the groundwork and making the meeting possible.
  • Our partners can advise on local pricing, competition, business drivers and customer behaviour in tender processing
  • Our Client’s pledges:
  • Our clients have one thing in common: Their serious intent to either invest in Oman or scale their existing companies that are already established in the country.
  • They have a track record of international investments and range from established government or privately owned companies, entrepreneurs, family offices and Individuals of high net worth.
  • They are represented by senior executives and decision makers.
  • They show their intent by providing supporting documents that maybe required by us before we introduce them to potential projects and clients in Oman.
  • To win and service the business!

These combined pledges ensure teamwork at the highest level.

We look forward to working with you.

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