Business Representation

Business Representation - "Fly-in-Fly-out"

Many international businesses spend valuable time and money on flights, hotels and other disbursements. They fly in, have meetings with local Omani businesses and fly out again. Without permanent local representation to follow up those efforts the probability of winning business is low due to being “out of sight out of mind”.
Bondoni’s local presence and expertise fills this gap by establishing and implementing our client’s primary business objectives for us to follow up in their absence: They vary and may include:

• Market Entry services
• Acquisition strategy
• Business development and closing business
• Managing local clients
• Establishing new business partners
• Advise on local pricing, competition, business drivers and customer behaviour in tender processing
• Follow up any financial or operational issues

Benefits of the Fly – Fly out Fly out service.

This low investment high marketing impact strategy achieves many objectives:
• Enhances business and marketing productivity (ROI) with:
o Experienced and respected permanent presence on the ground.
o Improved marketing ability with minimal financial risk.
o Assured follow up of all aspects of the business (marketing, tenders, operations and finance).
• Minimises financial investment:
o Avoids employing anyone locally.
o Avoids leases and licences.
o Reduces costs on hotels and flights.
• Minimises company legal exposure.
• Builds market share and knowledge.

Why Bondoni?

Client focus.
• Adaptable services that cater for any established international organisation wanting to do business in Oman
• Permanent and dedicated in-country support, headed by a dedicated Client Director.
• Business Accelerator – Speed to market using a proven methodology
• Access to business support services (events, translation, visas, hotels, banks etc.)
• Qualified local professional partners who are experienced in doing business in Oman and abroad.
• An Arabic/English speaking executives.

In depth knowledge.
• Local knowledge of the major business sectors.
• Culture – knowing the etiquette that drives local business growth.

Influential network.
• Multi-dimensional, influential network across most industries in the Sultanate.
o Professional advisors.
o Business influencers.
o Ministries.
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