Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Once your business is successfully setup Bondoni can always introduce you to other business and corporate services to help you scale your operations.Below outlines the business functions that we can put you introduce you to.



Finance Accounting and Bookkeeping services

Our partners facilitate immediate back-office outsourced services for accounting, payroll, financial reporting, tax and other regulatory compliance services.

Clients directly contract with one of Bondoni’s pre-qualified international and national accountants.

The process speeds up the establishment of your business, is cost-efficient and improves efficiency.
We offer two types of scalable services:

Business Set-up

Depending on the size and type of business you have, we offer a customised and scalable service by providing temporary or part-time accounting assistance. These range from:

• Design and implementation of accounting systems
• Selecting the right audit firm
• Preparation of accounting manuals
• Payroll services
• Set up and monthly management reporting systems
• Bookkeeping – the day to day processing

Monthly and annual financial management and reporting

By outsourcing, you will have access to expert advice and confidence in financial reports that meet regulatory and compliance standards in Oman. Accounting tasks are processed by qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Preparation of Financial Statements
These services are designed to meet your unique needs and deliver on a schedule that fits your business. Preparation of annual accounts for the statutory annual audit
• Payroll Services
• Cash Forecasting Services
• Debtor and Creditor Management
• Preparation of Budgets, Management Accounts and Periodic Financial Analyses
• Bookkeeping

Their broad client base covers many sectors including, oil and gas, petrochemicals construction, telecoms and business services.
Bondoni will introduce you as our client to our Partners who will develop a specific brief of your requirements before entering into any agreement.

Auditors and Tax Services

Auditors and tax services
• The financial regulations in Oman are highly regulated. All companies need to be audited by the end of March every year so that the businesses can receive their mandatory tax certificate my May of each year.
• As in any country, there are excellent tier 1 and tier 2 auditing firms who offer auditing and tax services to newly formed LLCs.
• As part of Bondoni’s services, you will be given a choice of our pre-qualified business partners, which are the most appropriate for your business. They will guide you as to the standard requirements on a timely basis.



Bondoni’s pre-qualified Partner assists companies and individuals with the notarization and attestation of a variety of documents from over 80 countries worldwide.

Providing that the original document has been legally-issued attestation is possible for use within Oman.

Which documents can be attested?

• Company Documents: Memorandum of Association, Power of Attorney and Board Resolutions
• Qualification Documents: Degree Certificate, High School Certificate and Professional Awards
• Registrar-Issued Documents: Birth, Marriage, Death or Adoption Certificate
• Police Reports

Our partner will work closely with you to review your existing documents to ensure that all of the requirements have been met before your papers are couriered from their offices.
They have an extensive trusted global network to obtain the correct stamps from the relevant government departments while safeguarding the integrity of your documents.

Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Corporate and Consumer Debt Collection

Bondoni’s Partner offers the full international services of debt collection in Oman and within the region.
Their highly trained negotiation teams use proven techniques in 4 different languages including English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu.
The wide-ranging services include:
• Debt Collection
• Skip Tracing
• Investigation
• Legal Collection
• Fraud Investigation
• Due Diligence
• Verification
• KYC and KYE

Clients include:
• Banks – commercial and corporate
• Companies
• Telecoms
• Insurance
• Trading
• Publication and Advertising Agencies
• International Collection Agencies

Our Partner is committed to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and confidentiality and conforms to international standards of Global Credit Solutions (GCS Group).



Insurance requirements in Oman

Many foreign companies have comprehensive insurance cover. Nevertheless, it is highly advisable for you to review your insurances for the local Omani market.

Our professional advisers who are specialists in the Lloyds and international markets are well qualified to advise you.

Local Insurance obligations
The only two policies of insurance that a company is obliged to purchase is:
• Workman’s Compensation Assurance (WCA) but only for expatriate staff, although most companies buy the cover for both their Omani and Expat staff.
• Motor liability insurance.
If companies require property insurance, liability cover, D&O etc they must purchase this from a locally licenced insurer.

Medical Insurance
• A new decree has been announced which will require all companies to purchase medical insurance coverage for their expatriate staff. Final details should be announced by mid-2018.
Other insurances

If a company or individual purchases any other class of insurance, they must do so from an insurance company licenced by the CMA to transact insurance in the Sultanate.

Our advisers recommend foreign companies purchase the following policies:

a. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

b. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (can be an extension of the D&O policy)

c. Errors and Omissions Insurance (depending on the nature of the business)

d. Commercial General Liability

e. Statutory Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance

In all cases where an international business is sponsored by Bondoni the policies should include Bondoni as a joint insured party.



Marketing Setup and Strategy
Whether your business has it’s own branding currently, or you require help in developing your businesses branding, Bondoni’s pre-qualified partners will be able to help you and adapt it for the Omani market. Services include:
• Brand Strategy
• Name Generation
• Brand Architecture
• Identity and Design
• Brand Guidelines
• Identity
• Photography
• Campaign Management
• Digital and Online Design
• Social Media Management
• Website Design and Development
• Environmental Design
• Signage
• Business Cards

Market Research

Market Research

Market Research Solutions

Bondoni’s primary partner was the first dedicated full-cycle market research agency in Oman founded in 1996.
They are primarily focused on working with international and national businesses that require unique market research and studies across a range of industries and verticals in the Omani market and the GCC.

Working closely with each client our partner customises each project with a well-proven methodology:
• Develops a clear brief to agree on the specific objectives of any marketing research exercise;
• Recommends the type of research, e.g. face to face in-depth interviews, telephonic surveys, focus groups etc.;
• Designs a customised questionnaire;
• Conducts field pilots followed by a full field survey;
• Analyses the data collected; and
• Presents their findings and recommendations to the client.

Areas of Specialisation
• Consumer Research
• B2B
• Advertising Research
• Mystery Shopping

Our partner has worked across many industries and segments including:
• Automotive brands, Franchise Workshops and Spare Parts
• Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance Agencies
• Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
• Power and Utilities
• Fuel Products and Lubricants
• Shopping Malls, Convenience Stores and Real Estate
• Telecom, Media and IT Industries
• Schools, Training Institutes and Universities
• Client confidentially is paramount. All projects are bound by principles of ESOMAR (European Society of Opinion and Market Research) and its International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice.



Relocation Services

Our Omani destination service partner provides quality, cost-effective global mobility solutions that contribute to the success of your businesses and individual requirements. This ensures that employees and their families have a smooth and cost-effective transition to their new environment.

Key benefits
• Local knowledge
• Understanding the local culture
• Being able to obtain visas
• Ensuring your employees and families settle into their new environment
• Doing all the above in a timely, seamless and cost-effective way

• Area Orientation
• Recconicence Trip (Visit Oman before relocating)
• Airport Meet and Greet
• Temporary & Short-term Accommodation
• Home Search
• School Search and Educational Support
• Settling-in Assistance
– Utilities’ Setup
– Internet Setup
– Spousal Support
– Introduction to Expatriate Groups

Departure Service

Tender Negotiations

Tender Negotiations

Tender Consulting Services

Many international organisations respond to Oman tenders with either limited or no knowledge of Oman’s tender selection processes and procedures.
Bondoni’s partner is in a rare position to offer our clients “The Contractor’s Inside Track.”
The team has 30 years of extensive experience in project management consultancy, arbitration, tender evaluations, and technical support services.

Their integrated services support international contractors in:
• Tendering & Contracts and Projects Management
• Commercial Negotiation and Corporate Affairs Management
• Advising on New International Business Unit Establishment in Oman
• Obtaining Tender Board Registration
• Tendering Procedures-Pricing, Costing, Evaluating, Sourcing of Material, Sourcing Sub-Contractors
• Preparation of Prime Documents, Tender Documents and Variation Orders
• Claim & Contract Management.



Translation Services

Arabic is a widely spoken language, but one with substantial regional variations. In Oman official documents must be in Arabic. There is also a value in presenting information in the language of potential and existing clients, ranging from:
• Legal
• Financial
• Medical
• Technical
• Scientific
• Marketing

Bondoni’s approved partners offer a first-class translation service at beneficial rates. Our pre-qualified translators are experienced and professional Omani companies. So we make sure your message gets across. Although English is a second language in Oman, conceptual and technical messages can be lost as they dissipate down.

Languages we Translate
• English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian
• Chinese, Czech, German, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Ukrainian.
• Indian Languages: 14 languages and dialects
• African Languages: 6 languages and dialects
• Asian Languages: majority of the languages and dialects



There is a large choice of printing companies in Oman and Bondoni has pre-qualified sizable choices with proven track records of working with foreign companies.

Their specific services include:
• Pre-press creative teams
• Offset print using the latest machine and setters with automatic processing
• Post-press providing quality cutting, folding, lamination and binding services
• Print on demand
• Export

Typical printing services:
• Business cards, brochures, company annual reports, news magazines retail magazines.

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