Company Formation in Oman

Legal Advice – Choosing Your Lawyer

Choice of legal advisers

Oman holds a large selection of International, regional and national law firms, many of whom provide specialist company registration services for foreign companies.

Frequently foreign investors’ law firms are already in Oman which takes the strain out of having to select a local lawyer. However, if this is not the case Bondoni’s pre-qualified network will give you an excellent choice of lawyers to select from enabling you to find a partner who’s the best to work with based on your requirements, business size and whether you wish to commit to an international, regional or national practice.

Real Estate – Choosing Your Workplace

Immediately after completing the company registration process the next crucial step in the company formation is to have a 12 month (minimum) tenancy agreement.
Depending on the reasons for setting up in Oman (e.g. strategic or delivering a sizable contract) you have the choice as a mainland LLC or Free zone of conventional workplaces such as offices, warehouses, manufacturing or you can opt for the serviced offices.
Bondoni will work with you and our pre-qualified Real Estate partners with either option you choose.
There is a good choice of national and international Real Estate brokers and office providers in Oman.

PRO and Recruitment Services - Corporate and HR Strategy

Bondoni provides these essential services to our clients who are setting up in Oman as well as ongoing expansion services.

HR strategy and recruitment:
Our clients will be introduced to pre-qualified HR specialists that are familiar with the local Omani HR laws. Also, they will provide expert advice on:
• Outsourcing vs insourcing
• Compensation and benefits
• Job descriptions
• HR recruitment terms of references (for Omanis and expats)
• Localising the HR staff manual
• Manning levels (Omanisation)

PRO (Public Relations Officers) services:
Our PROs are approved by the Ministry of Manpower and have the first-hand proven experience of setting up businesses and providing ongoing support. Each client is assigned a dedicated PRO who will develop a specific brief to respond to your business priorities.

Business support:
• Company registration documentation and administration
• Approvals from other Ministries, Royal Oman Police
• Investor visas
• Legal translation to Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) requirements for immigration, POAs, Board resolutions, company registration forms etc.
• Documentation attestation
• Company seal and stamp
• Visa application submissions
• Real Estate – tenancy agreements and facilities management
• Communications/IT administration
• Car hire
• Pre-employment medical fitness

Bank Account Opening for Foreign Companies in Oman

As part of the company formation process, all foreign companies can open a company bank account after the newly formed LLC has been registered, leased a workplace with an address and has been certified by the municipality.

Although the bank opening procedures vary from bank to bank, the Oman banking industry standards are highly regulated and demand a great deal of paperwork, bureaucracy, notably notarised and attested (navigation to attested services.) documents etc. With Bondoni being highly respected by the banking community in Oman, we will work closely with you and the banks to simplify and speed up this complicated process.

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