HR Setup and Support

HR Setup Services and Support

Oman has distinctive and unique employment laws and regulations.
Local employment requirements are just one of the business setup priorities that foreign companies need to implement when employing Omani and Expatriate staff in Oman.
Specific labour laws which all businesses need to adhere to include areas such as:

• Omanisation targets.
• Employment contracts (Omanis and expats).
• Employee benefit structures (Omanis and Expats)
• Employment communication – staff handbooks (required by law after employing 15 staff).
• Salary and pension regulations.
• And much more!

Bondoni has qualified and experienced HR specialists that will support your HR setup needs from the outset.
We will guide you on the immediate requirements to help streamline your employment strategy and policies so that you feel confident that your HR policies are correct before you start recruiting and scaling your local team. Specific support includes:

• Adapt your HR policies to be in line with local regulations.
• Employee handbook localisation (new or amended)
• Local labour law policies
• HR templates that cover the local law and regulations.
• HR interviews and vetting.
• HR management compliance.

Our HR guidance will help you speed up your business setup process and give you the confidence that you are well prepared as you commence your business growth in Oman.