PRO and Visa Services

Corporate & Family PRO & Visa Services

Why do New Companies need PRO services in Oman?
Every start-up company in Oman requires the services of a Government Liaison Officer who must be an Omani citizen. They are locally known as Public Relations Officers or PROs.
PROs are responsible for liaising with government departments to process government related documents and paperwork such as visa applications, company registration documentation and approvals.
Bondoni’s Corporate PRO and HR services are exclusively dedicated to streamlining the business setup process for newly established businesses in Oman.
Our specialist business setup PRO expertise and support is crucial from the onset of setting up an entity in Oman.
Outsourcing the service will save you time and offer you a hassle free process when launching your business.
Benefits of Outsourcing your PRO Services to Bondoni.
Outsourcing your PRO services to one of Oman’s most respected and experienced Business Setup companies ensures your peace of mind. We:
• Save time and reduce costs on PRO and HR support.
• Dedicate a PRO team with fast processing and deliverable times.
• Are fluent in English and Arabic speakers.
• Are qualified, experienced and recognised PROs by the government departments.
• Have an influential network with all government departments.
• Assure accuracy and on-time delivery.
• Save employment costs such as salaries, government charges etc.
Our Range of PRO & Visa Services.
Our services are dedicated to our corporate clients, their families and dependents.
We cover the full range of services that your business, families and dependents require to set up and grow in Oman. We are committed to you for the immediate, time critical setup period and the longer term.
Key services include:
Immediate – Business setup. Our clients benefit from our well known “12 Point Process” methodology.
Your assigned PRO managers will streamline your business setup process by having direct access to the relevant government departments. We process all the essential government documentation to launch your business with confidence.
Specific deliverables are outlined below:
Ministry and Government Departments – liaison and documentation processing with:

Chamber of Commerce – Business registration certificate. Finance – Tax registrations
Commerce and Industry – Commercial registration. Housing –Corporate signage and municipality clearances
Manpower – Investment and employment visas, business express visas clearances. Communications – Registration (mailbox and telephones numbers)
Other ministries – For specialist activities such as oil and gas, Interior, shipping media etc. Hospitals and medical clinics – Advice and management of medical checks and reports in Oman and in your home country.
Royal Oman Police Immigration registration Legal translations –  Including Arabic, English, European and Sub-Continent.
Real Estate – Liaison with landlords to speedily to establish your rental agreements and municipality certificates for your workplace

Long Term Business Continuity –Outsourced Retainer Services.

On completion of the business setup phase, your newly established business has the option of employing its own PRO or continue to use Bondoni’s PRO services.

If you decide to outsource to Bondoni we offer an integrated back office retainer service that seamlessly continues to support your medium and long term needs. We offer:

Dedicated PRO team.

  • • Recognised by the ministries as your PRO and government liaison officer.
    • Premium response and support
    • Transparent cost control and management.
    • Advisory support and problem solving.

Tender support.

  • • Timely collection and submission of tender documents for international companies who do not have a presence in Oman.
    • Local support for bid bonds
    • Tender support and bid preparation/reviews.

Omani and Expatriate Employee support.

  • • Employee registration and management
    • Pension registration and management

Customs registration and clearances.

  • • Corporate and family relocations.

Other routine PRO tasks

  • • Company registration document amendments.
    • Family and maid visa clearances
    • Attestations
    • Utility liaison
    • Other unforeseen tasks.

Timely renewal reminders.

  • We record the dates of each renewal and remind our clients on a timely basis to avoid any unnecessary government fines.