Share Transfer/Restructure Solutions

Share Transfer/Restructure Solutions

“Restructuring your business with independent corporate shareholders."

Many companies in Oman undertake corporate restructuring processes. There are a number of different reasons which may include:

  • • They may be part of a major global organisation that is restructuring in the region.
  • • They wish to change from an active partnership to being fully in control of their own business.
  • • Their corporate governance recommends a change from an individual sponsor to a corporate independent partner (nominee).

Whatever the reasons Bondoni is here to help you transfer your shares in a speedy, professional and seamless way.

As we are 100% Omani owned and registered as an international LLC, we are legally compliant to be your legal local sponsor.

We are able to commit to a clear, simple exit strategy in time of an exit event or closing your business.

We are also able to provide greater protection against the impact of the Omani Inheritance Laws.