Business Partner Introductions - "Streamliner"

Business Partner Introductions

Unless companies are familiar with Oman’s business community, it can be extremely stressful and preoccupying to source and select the best local business partners for the newly established business.
Bondoni facilitates introductions to its uniquely pre-qualified professional network to streamline the company formation process.
The Bondoni Quadrants methodology assures our clients that they will have the best local team to conduct business in Oman from DAY 1. The pre-qualified services include:

Legal – Company registration, activities (licenses) constitutive contracts, Partners resolutions, Powers of Attorney, shareholders agreements and Chamber of Commerce certification.
Real Estate – choosing the right workplace such as offices (conventional or serviced offices), warehouses, retail outlets etc.
Financial – Tax and audit advice, bookkeeping, debt collection.
Bank Opening – Choice of bank and bank opening process.
HR strategy – Omanisation policies, recruitment, localizing HR handbooks.
PRO services – working with the ministries, obtaining investor, work and residential visas, municipality licenses (as below).
Relocation Services – for family accommodation,schools and domestic support services.
Market research – strategic, customer services etc.
Marketing strategy – logo design, local websites, business cards and marketing collateral.
Translation services – legal and professional documentation.