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About Bondoni

Established in 2016, Bondoni is Oman’s globally trusted Company Formation and Business Support Services partner, catering to the needs of international enterprises. Bondoni has successfully partnered with many global and regional clients that originate from nearly 40 countries and 35 sectors and has served over 100 companies. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Expert guidance on business entity selection, such as LLC or SPC.
Seamless company formation and registration processes.
Post-registration incorporation support.
Outsourced Back Office solutions and government liaison services for new ventures and established enterprises.

At Bondoni, we offer a streamlined solution for globally listed and dynamic mid-market international companies looking to establish their presence in Oman. Renowned for our local expertise, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of setting up a business in Oman.

Multiple Company Formation Solutions Under One Roof!

Why use unknown providers when Bondoni streamlines the entire solution under one roof? Bondoni uniquely focuses on Oman – that’s why our global and regional clients from nearly 30 sectors trust us! They range from large to small, new to well-established, whacky to conservative! They all benefit from the same levels of quality services.

What makes us so different? “Our focus is uniquely Oman!”

Working with one service provider such as Bondoni with sole accountability ensures that your strategic and operational solutions are properly integrated with minimal effort from your side. Significant cost savings can be made through economies of scale and a single point of contact gives you a high degree of accountability for us to deliver your solutions which are customised for each client.

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