Bondoni is one of a kind in Oman!

"Our business is company formation and sponsorship for foreign investors: Our strength is our partnership with Oman’s local business community."

Bondoni’s corporate structure is designed to provide international investors with a totally integrated Company Formation and Sponsorship solution.

A one stop shop!

We partner with mid to large international companies that rightly deserve to have total management, operational and financial control of their investments.

Our clients operate from countries all over the world and in several sectors including oil and gas, construction, IT and communications, shipping, defence, project management, F&B, optical, property, renewable energy and many others.

Bondoni is not just about the initial company formation and sponsorship. As your local sponsor and partner, we aim to nurture enduring relationships by always being available to offer advice and guidance. We are respected by the business community for our authority and influential business network and being the thought leaders for our industry. We look forward to working with you.Read More..

Charles Shaw

Founder & CEO

Our Clients

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Global Business Partners

Bondoni partners with leading Company Formation specialists in UAE, Qatar, KSA, Cyprus, Singapore and UK. Please make contact for more information and we will immediately refer you to them.

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Bondoni is a leading independent specialist that connects international organisations to Oman’s business community.

Setting up a business in Oman depends on the part of the world your company is from, involves understanding the different types of business structures and the company formation processes between mainland and free zones.

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Mainland (Onshore) LLC

International businesses represented in Oman, always have a competitive edge.

Freezone (Offshore) LLC

Oman’s free zones offer an inclusive advisory one stop shop service to help international ...

Company Formation

Let professionals choose your providers in Oman for setting up a business.

Share Transfer/Restructure

Restructuring your business with independent corporate shareholders.

Business Support Services

We will introduce you to all business services to help scale your business.
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We are available to answer all your questions. As an added value, we provide free consultation for all business enquiries.
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