There has never been a better time to open a business in Oman!

In January 2020 a new Foreign Capital investment law (FCIL) RD 50/2019 law was published to unleash international businesses to invest in Oman. Some of the benefits for most sectors:
• International investors may now own 100% of the businesses. (Previous 70%).
• No Local partners/sponsors are required.
• No minimum capital is needed. (Previous OMR 150 000/$390 000).
• Fast track company registration.

Bondoni will guide you every step of the way to help you establish your 100% owned investment.

Bondoni – Your “One of a Kind” Business Partner

Company Formation & Business Setup Solutions is all we do!
Our clients are established companies and entrepreneurs that rightly deserve to have total management, operational and financial control of their businesses.
We enjoy partnerships with companies from all over the world and in several sectors including oil and gas, construction, IT and communications, shipping, defence, project management, F&B, optical, property, renewable energy and many others.
Our complete range of services helps you structure whichever business entity you choose with speed and confidence.
We take away the hassle of launching a new company in an unfamiliar country.

Our streamlined and established process helps you get it right first time!
Our sole focus is to help you launch and prosper:

Launch – The initial and time sensitive company formation.
• Initial business setup to start trading with the right local partners from DAY1
• “Our One Stop Shop” delivery process streamlines all the multiple demands such as company formation, registration, bank opening, finding an office ,Visa and HR requirements that you need to start trading.

Prosper – Outsourced corporate services.
• We provide outsourced Visa, PRO and HR services which keeps you UpToDate with the fluid government regulation changes.
• We ensure you remain compliant with the regular renewals
• We keep you overhead competitive
• We accompany you to meetings with prospects and suppliers.

Here are just some other benefits that you will experience:
• One stop shop – all our services are managed under one roof.
• One package one payment!
• Our qualified and skilled team is uniquely geared to company formations solutions.
• Immediate and medium-term cost savings.
• Introductions to the best and most suitable professional partners to setup your business from the start!
• We streamline the crucial business setup process.
• Your HR policies will be ready before you start employing your local team.
• Our reputation is highly respected with the relevant government departments, major embassies and business leaders.
• We enable continuity during the first crucial 12 months from launching the company.
• You will receive continuous updates of labour and HR laws.

We look forward to working with you.
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Sir Charles Shaw

Founder & CEO

Our Clients

Our business reach

Global Business Partners

Bondoni partners with leading Company Formation specialists in UAE, Qatar, KSA, Cyprus, Singapore and UK. Please make contact for more information and we will immediately refer you to them.

Our Services

Bondoni is a leading independent specialist that connects international organisations to Oman’s business community.

Setting up a business in Oman depends on the part of the world your company is from, involves understanding the different types of business structures and the company formation processes between mainland and free zones.

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Business Entity Selection

Choosing your business entity

Company Registration

We streamline your business registration process seamlessly.

Company Formation

We facilitate business partner introductions from Day One!

Corporate & Family PRO & Visa Services

We provide PRO business setup & long term support.

HR setup & support

We localize your HR policies & manuals.

100% Foreign Ownership Company Formation Package

Take advantage of Oman’s Foreign Capital investment law.

All-Inclusive Sponsorship Package

Benefit from partnering with local Omani companies.

PRO, Visa, and HR Business Setup Package

Minimise costs and maximise efficiencies on your PRO and HR operations.
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We are available to answer all your questions. As an added value, we provide free consultation for all business enquiries.
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