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Company Setup in Oman

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Launch A Business In Oman!

In January 2020 a new Foreign Capital investment law (FCIL) RD 50/2019 law was published to unleash international organisations and entrepreneurs to invest in Oman.

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Globally Recognised for Local Excellence.

Bondoni is Oman’s globally trusted Company Formation and Business Support Services partner, globally recognised for local excellence in company formation in Oman. At Bondoni, we offer a streamlined solution for globally listed and dynamic mid-market international companies looking to establish their presence in Oman. Renowned for our local expertise, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of setting up a business in Oman.

The top priority for any serious investor setting up a company in an unfamiliar country is to find a trustworthy Partner with a local track record who can guide you through the entire company formation process – A “One Stop Shop”.







Business Setup in Oman

100% Foreign Ownership

You are in control of your own business
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Joint Venture

To enjoy the benefits of partnering with local Omani Companies
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Why Bondoni?

Timely and Hassle-Free Setup Process
Timely and Hassle-Free Setup Process
Time is of the essence in setting up a company in Oman. With Bondoni, experience a hassle-free and timely setup process. Our streamlined procedures and proactive team ensure your company is operational in no time.
Personalized Approach to Business Setup
Personalized Approach to Business Setup
Every business is unique, and so is our approach. Bondoni understands the intricacies of your industry and business goals, offering personalized strategies for a successful setup in Oman.
Comprehensive Business Setup Services
Comprehensive Business Setup Services
At Bondoni, we offer a comprehensive suite of services for business setup in Oman – A “One Stop Shop”. From legal advice and compliance and entity selection to document preparation and registration, we provide end-to-end solutions to kickstart your venture.
Expertise in Oman Company Setup
Expertise in Oman Company Setup
Navigating the nuances of setting up a company in Oman requires local expertise. As we are “Uniquely Oman” our seasoned professionals specialize in Oman’s business landscape, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup and support process tailored to your unique needs.
Remote Business Setup
Remote Business Setup
Don’t let travel bans or other work priorities delay your business plans in Oman. You can launch your company without having to board the plane. Not traveling to Oman time and again to set up your business will save your time and money.

Our Clients

Key Services for Oman Business Setup

Company Formation Expertise

Explore various business entities, including LLCs, SPCs, branches and commercial representative offices and benefit from our expertise in guiding you to choose the right corporate structure for your business in Oman.

Business License Acquisition

Our team advises on the most appropriate trade licenses ( Activities) and ensures a swift and compliant process for obtaining the necessary licenses, empowering your business to operate legally in Oman as soon as possible.

Ongoing Support for Business Growth

Beyond setup, Bondoni remains your dedicated partner. Benefit from our ongoing back office support support, including bank opening, visa management , VAT registration and support, customs clearance, HR compliance management, document renewals, and strategic advice for sustained growth.

Ready to Begin Your Business Setup Journey?

AS specialists in working with international investors and trading companies, , Bondoni is your dedicated long term partner for business setup and ongoing support in Oman. Don’t let the complexities of setting up a company in Oman hold you back – trust Bondoni for a smooth and efficient process.

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