Company Registration

Registering Your Choice of Company

Registering a company in Oman is relatively straightforward for those in the know!
Bondoni’s team guides you through every step of the way and takes charge of streamlining the process on your behalf.
The first step in the Company formation process is to register your new company with Oman’s Government departments.
Bondoni will navigate you through the process and deliver the necessary documents:

• Apply for your chosen corporate name with Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI).
• Draft the Constitutive contract (Memorandum of Articles) for the new organisation.
• Select the appropriate business activities.
• Draft the Shareholders Resolutions.
• Attest the Constitutive Contract with the MOCI Notaries.
• Submit the application to the MOCI
• Coordinate registration meetings with the MOCI and our client.
• Obtain the Company Registration document and the Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

We provide you with a checklist of all the documents that are required before the registration process.