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Mainland LLC/SPC Formation in Oman

Your Gateway to Business Success in Oman

Gateway to Business Success in Oman
International trading companies and investors set up in Oman for three main reasons. They have either won a long-term contract, they already have clients that they want direct contact with, or it can be a strategic move for long-term investment reasons. One of the most popular and flexible business structures available is the Mainland Limited Liability Company (LLC)or a Sole Proprietary Company (SPC).

What is the difference between an LLC and SPC?

An SPC is 100% owned by one shareholder and an LLC is owned by more than one shareholder
which can be a combination of company and individual shareholders. Otherwise, they offer the
same benefits.
Making it an ideal choice for those looking to invest or trade with minimal restrictions, employ
their own team, and manage a bank account in Oman.

Why Choose an LLC or SPC business structure for your company in Oman?

Choosing the right business entity is crucial for the success and sustainability of your venture.
Here’s why setting up a Mainland LLC or SPC is advantageous:

Full Ownership and Control
Full Ownership and Control
With recent changes in 2020 in Omani laws, foreign investors can now own 100% of the business for most activities without the need for a local partner, giving you complete control over your operations and profits.
Operational Flexibility
Operational Flexibility
An LLC / SPC allows you to engage in a wide range of business activities, providing the flexibility to adapt and expand as your business grows.
Minimal Capital Requirements
Minimal Capital Requirements
Unlike some other jurisdictions, Oman has no minimum capital requirement for LLCs / SPCs, reducing the financial burden on startups and small businesses.
Local Employment
Local Employment
Establishing an LLC / SPC enables you to hire local and expatriate staff, ensuring you have the right team to drive your business forward.
Banking Ease
Banking Ease
Setting up a corporate bank account is straightforward, providing you with essential financial services to manage your business transactions efficiently.

How to Set Up a Mainland LLC/SPC in Oman

The process of establishing a mainland LLC/SPC in Oman
Business Entity Corporate Structuring
It’s important to select the right structure for the business including shareholders, authorised signatories, grade of company, activity selection etc.
Business Activity Selection
Determine the nature of your business activities and ensure they align with Omani regulations. Our experts can guide you in choosing the appropriate licenses and permissions. 88% off the activities allow 100% foreign ownership.
Company Name Reservation
Choose a unique and compliant business name. We handle the name reservation process, ensuring it meets the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion (MOCIIP) standards.
Document Preparation
Compile the necessary documents, including apostilled/attested documents, passport copies, business plans, and other required paperwork. Our team ensures all documents are correctly prepared and attested.
Office Space Leasing
Secure a physical office location in Oman, as required by law. Our local knowledge helps you find suitable office spaces that meet regulatory requirements.
Bank Account Opening
Open a corporate bank account with a reputable bank in Oman. We facilitate the process, ensuring you have all the necessary documentation.
VAT registration and support
After successfully opening your bank account, all companies reaching a certain revenue threshold should register for VAT. We will guide you through the process and the Oman regulations.
Visa Processing
Apply for residency and work visas for your staff and dependents. Our visa management services ensure compliance with immigration regulations.
License Application
Submit the application for the commercial registration and relevant licenses to the MOCIIP. We assist in expediting this process for swift approval.

Why Partner with Bondoni for your LLC or SPC Company Formation in Oman?

Expert Guidance
Expert Guidance
With over eight years of specialized experience in business entity selection and company registration in Oman with clients who originate from more than 40 countries, our team’s unparalleled expertise will lead you throughout the company formation process.
Streamlined Process
Streamlined Process
Our comprehensive “One Stop Shop” approach covers all aspects of setting up an LLC / SPC, from initial consultation, corporate structuring, to final registration and incorporation saving you time and effort.
Local Insights
Local Insights
Our unrivaled understanding of Omani business practices and regulatory requirements ensures a seamless setup process and compliance with all local laws.
Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support
Beyond company formation, Bondoni provides ongoing business support services, bank opening, VAT registration, including Visa management, Adhoc
PRO services, Legal and HR advisory including Omanisation, and regulatory compliance, to help your business stabilize and thrive.

Start Your Business Journey in Oman with Bondoni Today

Setting up a Mainland Limited Liability Company (LLC / SPC) in Oman is a strategic move that
offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Let Bondoni be your trusted partner in navigating
the complexities of business formation and ongoing business support, ensuring your venture’s
success. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you establish
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