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Why do you need local partnership in Oman?

While setting up a business in Oman, there are two options of business setup for a foreign investor. They can either register the business as 100% foreign owned business or as a joint venture known as Local Corporate Equity Partnership.

Although 88% of Oman’s listed trade license (Activities )Activities) enable foreign investors to enjoy 100% ownership without a local Omani sponsor there are certain activities need a local partner ,partner, most notably most forms of consultancy ( Management(Management, engineering accountancy and auditing and legal)

In additionaddition, there are other benefits where Foreign investors may choose to enter into a local JV with an Omani company.

As a Joint Venture business, you can enjoy the benefits of partnering with local Omani Companies such as

You can choose your local sponsorship partner (company or individual).
You can negotiate the shareholding percentage. It no longer must be 70/30%.
You may even negotiate a commercial shareholders agreement(agreement (SHA) whereby the international investor is given the authority by the local sponsor to have control of 100% of the business.
No minimum capital is required.
You can enjoy the benefits of having a local partner who is familiar with Oman with an established network, or has local technical expertise, actively contributes to financial support, or provides land..
Priorities for certain tenders.

Why Bondoni as your local partner in Oman?

As Bondoni is 100% Omani owned limited liability registered company, we have 8 years’ experience and are fully qualified to be your local corporate equity partner for most activities.
The shareholder allocation is flexible. We commit to mutually agreed commercial terms set out in an international standard Shareholders Agreement (SHA) that will fully protect your interests and give you full management and financial control of the business.
As our partner you will also benefit from all our business support services.
Choosing the right local partner and representation services is critical for navigating the intricacies of the Omani market and establishing a successful business presence.

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