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Business Support Services

Bondoni is your gateway to seamless business support solutions in Oman. As you embark on your business journey in the ever-changing Omani market, our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to ensure your success. From navigating government regulations to optimizing your back-office operations, Bondoni is your trusted partner every step of the way.

Comprehensive Business Support Solutions in Oman

Business Support Services Back Office Solutions

(Locally known as PRO and Government Representation Services)

Established or new businesses alike encounter ongoing administrative complexities from government authorities. Many Omani companies prefer outsourcing their back-office tasks to trusted specialists such as Bondoni. Diverse resources are necessary for various administrative needs, including PRO services. Rather than managing expensive in-house teams, partnering with Bondoni offers a more efficient solution.

You can spend unnecessary money and time managing your own untried and expensive PRO and HR staff or choose to outsource the operations to a dependable partner such as Bondoni.

Why Bondoni as your business support provider?

Always Available
Always Available
Bondoni is at your service when it counts, all year round. Our dedicated team ensures your urgent needs are addressed promptly.
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
Avoid unnecessary expenses by outsourcing your back-office operations to Bondoni. Save costs
associated with managing your own PRO and HR staff.
Government Compliance
Government Compliance
With Bondoni, rest assured that all government document renewals and compliance matters are
managed efficiently, keeping your business on the right side of regulations.
Priority Services and Discounted Rates
Priority Services and Discounted Rates
With Bondoni, we ensure priority services for all your back office support services and ensures discounted rates from different local service providers and partners.
Advisory Services
Advisory Services
Our knowledge and networks always ensure current and swift guidance and advice.
Transparent Government Costs
Transparent Government Costs
Bondoni ensures transparent management of all government costs, including cost reconciliation for your peace of mind.
Time savings
Time savings
Outsourcing your back-office services saves you time recruiting and managing back office staff.
Professional Business Support Services

“Trust Bondoni as your Back Office Retained Partner.”

Successful outsourcing is about relationships and advice as much as it is about services and transactions.

Bondoni’s on-tap advice and troubleshooting are the most valuable and indispensable benefits that our clients depend upon throughout the Partnership.

Other Bondoni's Back Office Services include:

Compliance including annual document renewals
Visa management (employment/family/renewals)
Family relocation services
Landlord negotiations
Construction and fit out project management
Customs clearances registration and support
Documentation clearances
HR and recruitment advice
Expat and Omani labour law and processes
Government representation (Labour, Royal Oman Police, Environmental)
Financial representation – VAT, tax and social security (PASI)