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Navigating Challenges- EOG's Journey in Oman During COVID-19

Navigating Challenges- EOG’s Journey in Oman During COVID-19

Navigating Challenges- EOG's Journey in Oman During COVID-19

In the midst of the global pandemic, EOG Resources, a major player in the US oil and gas industry, faced a unique challenge: expanding operations into Oman’s Blocks 36 and 49 while grappling with the unfamiliar territory and restrictions imposed by COVID-19. 

Pre-Deployment Preparations: 

Before setting foot in Oman, EOG’s team had to adapt to a new way of working. With a significant time zone difference between Houston and Oman, numerous Zoom meetings were held to coordinate plans. Beyond just basic business support services (BSS), the scope expanded to include HR, back-office operations, business representation at governmental levels, and more. 

Bondoni’s vital role: 

Central to EOG’s successful entry into Oman was the partnership with Bondoni Management. Acting as a crucial liaison, Bondoni facilitated pre-deployment briefings, administrative tasks, and operational meetings, ensuring a smooth transition despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. 


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, EOG’s deployment to Oman commenced. The team encountered quarantine measures upon arrival, reflecting the strict protocols in place. Bondoni team, serving as a vital liaison, navigated administrative hurdles, and facilitated operational meetings, despite the irregularity caused by travel restrictions. 

Navigating the Landscape: 

Meetings with key ministries such as Ministry of Energy, MOL Undersecretary, Ministry of Environment, Seniors from ROP, cultural etiquette presentations, and visa management requirement to issue family visas, express visas, visa flexibilities at the earliest were just a few of the many tasks undertaken by Bondoni’s team for EOG. From arranging COVID tests to resolving issues with bank openings, every detail required meticulous attention. 

Adapting to the Unexpected: 

The journey was not without its surprises. COVID-related challenges, changes in personnel, and unexpected legal hurdles demanded flexibility and quick thinking. EOG’s team, alongside their local partners and Bondoni team, rose to the occasion, ensuring seamless operations despite the uncertainties. 

EOG’s trust in Bondoni 

This included Bondoni attending high level meetings with government officials in Muscat and Salalah as EOG’s Omani representative and interpreter. EOG’s continued to trust in Bondoni to be their local representative in certain meetings with regional government officials without EOG attendance. 

Recognition and Expansion: 

Through perseverance and dedication, EOG garnered recognition at senior levels within Oman’s ministries. Routine tasks such as visa management and translations were complemented by value-added services, demonstrating Bondoni’s commitment to EOG.  

Forging Partnerships: 

Beyond bureaucratic hurdles, EOG focused on building lasting partnerships with Bondoni’s support and assistance. From advising on audits to introducing local businesses, the company aimed to integrate seamlessly into Oman’s business landscape. With Bondoni provided effective services such as recruitment of employees, bank opening, VAT registration and ongoing support, office space selection, relocation assistance, liaison with military forces, liaison with lawyers to upgrade legal documents and many other documentation and administration requirements. 

Annual Renewals: 

Bondoni was effective in providing advisory services, obtaining important mandatory licenses required for EOG to operate such as EIA license for oil & gas sector, trade license, listing activities for special ministry licenses, getting approvals from the ministries and government, and support in custom clearances, translation services and submission of the important documents to the relevant authorities.  


Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, EOG’s venture into Oman stands as a testament to adaptability and resilience. Through strategic planning, effective partnerships, and unwavering commitment, EOG navigated the challenges. With the support of Bondoni, EOG not only overcame logistical challenges but also established a strong foundation for future growth and collaboration in Oman. 


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