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Ministry of Labour mandates WPS Registration for all Companies

Ministry of Labour mandates WPS Registration for all Companies

Ministry of Labour mandates WPS Registration for all Companies

The Ministry of Labour has issued a directive mandating the registration of all companies, irrespective of size (large to SME), into the Wage Protection System (WPS). This initiative emphasizes the criticality of prompt adherence to this compulsory procedure.

The WPS, a collaborative electronic platform between the Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank of Oman, aims to oversee the timely transfer of workers’ wages to their designated accounts in authorized local financial institutions or banks. 

By establishing the WPS, authorities seek to monitor private sector establishments’ compliance with labour laws and contractual obligations regarding wage transfers. Moreover, the system facilitates the swift identification of instances involving delayed or non-payment of wages, enabling timely intervention by the Ministry to mitigate potential labour disputes.

Companies are urged to initiate their WPS registration process by liaising with their respective local banks. Necessary documentation including the completed form provided by the local bank, Commercial Registration (CR), and Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) card will be required.

Failure to comply with this regulation may lead to warnings from the Ministry of Labour, potentially resulting in the blocking of companies in the Ministry’s system, thereby impeding further clearances.

For detailed information on the WPS and registration procedures, we strongly recommend to visit the below link which also states the deadline for compliance according to the size of the establishment. https://www.mol.gov.om/WpsFAQ

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