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Corporate Immigration Services

Corporate Immigration Services - Oman’s Immigration and Business Travel Specialist

Uniquely Oman!

Bondoni's focus is uniquely Oman so we have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and an influential network who our international partners can depend upon. Whether you are relocating a single person or deploying project teams, our aim is to provide confidence to the Global Business Mobility community to do business in Oman by offering our tailored immigration in-house services as an entire solution.

Resources with a Track Record!

Our dedicated in-house account management and service delivery team has direct contacts with the relevant ministries and government departments.


  • HR advice for expats.
  • Advise on the specific requirements (corporates and dependents).
  •  Oman immigration compliance on all legal regulations.
  • Employment visas (corporate and dependents).
  • Short term business express visas.
  • PRO services.
  • Documentation advisory and management.
Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

We offer reliable time frames to deliver the required visas on time.

Fees and government costs

Our fees and government costs are fixed and transparent.